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At BizBuy, we believe that there is a buyer for any business for sale. We also believe that there is no such thing as too expensive. We think that value is more important than price and the ability to visualize the art of the possible and translate that to real value for the buyer is what really closes a deal. That is where we come in. At BizBuy, our mission is to help you visualize the art of the possible and translate it into real value.

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Get the support you need. In the process of buying a great business, you deserve the support and service to make the best possible decision. If this is your first business acquisition, if you are looking to transition into a new industry, or if you wish to maximize your business portfolio, BizBuy is here to support you.


Buying a business can be a complicated procedure, from finding the right one to working out all the details required for a smooth transfer of ownership.


Selling your business is a major decision! You have devoted your time, money, and energy into building, running, and operating your business. Let us help you get the most out of your business.


There are numerous ways to secure business financing. We can assist you find the best business financing program you need to purchase a business, franchise or build a start-up.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. Leave nothing to chance with our financing ready business plans. Tailor made to showcase your unique concept, our business plans is your first step to success.




We strive to uphold the highest level of professional behavior and ethical standards so that our clients are treated respectfully and fairly each and every time.



With over half of our staff being previous business owners, we know the challenges of buying and selling a business and we are there with you every step of the way. You are never alone in your journey.



We believe in the power of small business and the importance of entrepreneurs. We know how to nurture, grow, and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit internally and externally.



BizBuy recognizes the need for constant change in order to grow in this ever evolving industry and world. We strive to never settle and are always looking for the more effective and efficient way.



The BizBuy team consists of a team that brings an array of skills, knowledge, and experiences together to form a well diverse team that functions fluidly in order to serve our clients to the best of our ability.


If you are looking to sell your business you should take advantage of BizBuy’s free initial consultation. We can help you maximize the value of your company in preparation for an eventual exit, even if you don’t plan on selling in the foreseeable future.

We provide you with expertise in buyer contact, preparation, marketing, pricing, negotiation, and confidentiality. You deserve the right price, the right buyer and the right process.





BUY A BUSINESS, Build your Wealth

Did you have enough working for someone else? Do you want to take the important step into entrepreneurship? BizBuy.ca works with buyers throughout the business purchase process. We help you visualize your objectives and put you on a path to achieve them.

We can help with concept formulation, financing, business planning, and execution. You get a turn-key business ready for implementation when you choose BizBuy.

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How do you value a business?

We take multiple important elements into account when determining the price of a business. We fully review historical financials, cash flow, asset and equipment values, condition of the premises and lease terms, location of the business, competitors and the economy before finalizing the sell price. We also take into consideration the recent transactions of similar companies – both ones we have represented and transactions outside of our brokerage through paid data sources.

Why buy a business when I can start my own?

Many small businesses fail within the first year or two after starting up. By purchasing a business that is already up and running, you are eliminating many of the risks associated with a failing business. An established business has a proven track record, a proven/vetted business model, a customer base, trained and experienced employees, and most importantly, positive cash flow for the new owner. The risk is lower, and often times the growth is accelerated with these fundamentals already in place and with a new owner coming in with fresh ideas and new energy. Plus you’ll start off in month 1 with a positive cash flow and able to draw an income, whereas most new businesses take a while to build up enough business to generate a substantial income for the owner.

What portion of the sale will the seller refinance?

This varies with each seller. Some are willing to finance a portion but most sellers are reluctant to finance much of the sale price. The terms or length of the financing period also vary.

This said, most transactions below $5.0mm will generally apply for an SBL-backed loan to assist in the purchase of a business. This is a loan that is government backed and offered at competitive rates. 

What is the difference between Profit (Net Income), Cash Flow and Discretionary Earnings?

This can be tricky because we’ve learned over the years that everyone’s definition of each of these terms can vary just a bit.  Generally speaking, the profit of a business is the amount of money that is left over after all expenses are accounted for. The Cash Flow is the total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business.  Cash flow considers not just a businesses profit, but also typically factors in other owners benefits, interest payments or interest received, depreciation, amortization, etc.  It shows how much cash the business is producing which could be different than it’s profit from normal operations.  Discretionary Earnings are owner benefits, EBITDA and all expenses that are not applicable to the new owner.  For instance, the owner may currently have a more expensive office than you plan to have, or may be leasing a vehicle that you do not plan to use, or other expenses that are not applicable to you should you buy the business.  Again, this definition can vary from one person to another.